We began working with architectural concrete in 2008, with a background in graphic design, architectural design, and construction. Decades of decorative and structural concrete projects allowed us to put our wildest design theories to the test. The result of our experience and technological advances has been the successful union of form and function.

We work directly with our clients, whether they be interior designers, builders, architects, or homeowners, to nail down the best design for the project. Every detail is accounted for, from color palettes to edge profiles.

 Our design is then brought to life in the shop using high quality and high strength concrete mixes, which allow for lightweight applications and longer seamless spans. The pieces are sealed with the most advanced hydrophobic and oleophobic sealers available, leaving the days of constant maintenance behind. The mix designs we use are guaranteed against freeze-thaw cracking and produce high density surfaces.

Our pieces are professionally installed with mechanical fasteners as well as low VOC adhesives.

We are constantly learning and experimenting, both in design and execution. Whether it is your own idea or ours, we invite you to give us the opportunity to create lasting pieces for your spaces.